Apple just bought the Dark Sky weather app, and it’s shutting down the Android version

Conglomerates like to keep getting bigger, and today, Apple is adding yet another famous service to its arsenal: Dark Sky. The well-known weather app for providing up-to-the-minute forecasts has been acquired by the Cupertino company, as per a blog post. I don’t know how much the app was bought for, but it was likely a decent chunk of change given how popular the service is.

Unfortunately, in a way that can be misconstrued as “Apple hates Android!” evidence, Apple won’t be keeping the Android version of Dark Sky alive past July 1st. The same goes for the Wear OS app. It’s yet another hidden detail that I don’t have intel for. My best guess? Apple’s probably gonna strip Dark Sky at some point and bring its technologies to the company’s own weather app that’s exclusive to Apple device owners.

Speaking of which, Apple: when are you gonna ship an iPad weather app? Seriously, you should’ve done this years ago.

Anyway, if you have a subscription that runs past July 1st, you’ll get a full refund. Those on iOS won’t be affected by this change, although Dark Sky says it doesn’t plan to add any new features to the iOS app. You’ll still be able to buy Dark Sky from the App Store for the foreseeable future at its $3.99 price.