Apple is reportedly releasing a smaller HomePod soon

A new report out of Bloomberg this morning detailed some of the design cues we can expect when it comes to the upcoming iPhone 12 series. In the same article, the publication also mentioned a new HomePod which Apple will reportedly release really soon.

Specifically, the new HomePod will be half the size of the original and be priced much lower than the original $349 cost. This will hopefully make the device more competitive when compared to the Google Nests and Amazon Echos of the world. Bloomberg says this new HomePod will start shipping in the second quarter of this year, meaning it’ll come out by June 30th.

The original HomePod struggled to compete due to its large size and high price. Even at its recently reduced $299 price, it’s still not completely worth it, especially given how “dumb” Siri can be. By introducing a smaller, cheaper HomePod, Apple might be able to snag some market share from Google and Amazon, although it’ll have to get some pretty solid reviews before that can happen. There’s a chance I’ll be buying one of these things when it comes out so stay tuned.