Apple is Readying New Ceramic and Titanium Apple Watches for This Year

Around the same time as the debut of the new iPhone(s), Apple also takes the wrap off new Apple Watches. This tends to happen every year, and this year looks to be no different. We haven’t heard a ton of rumors surrounding the Apple Watch Series 5, but a new discovery made in the latest iOS 13 beta suggests we’ll be seeing both ceramic and titanium models.

A set-up screen for a 44mm titanium Apple Watch. | Source: iHelpBR

As spotted by iHelpBR, the new Apple Watch Series 5 will likely come in both ceramic and titanium finishes when it’s released later this year. We know this because two images were spotted inside iOS 13 beta 7 that offered up information about 44mm Apple Watches that ship with the materials mentioned as their casing. So far, we haven’t seen an Apple Watch in ceramic that came in a 44mm size, and there’s never been a model with a titanium case. So unless we’re dead wrong, I’d say these puppies will be launching next month.

That being said, nothing’s confirmed just yet. Apple has made no official comment (why would they?) and things could change between now and whenever the company unveils the new watches (likely September 10th, btw). But because this evidence was discovered in iOS 13, I’d say it’s safe to bet that we can expect both a ceramic and a titanium version of the Series 5.