Apple is Finally Selling its Clear Case for the iPhone XR

After mentioning it in an international press release when announcing the device, Apple has finally put its clear case for the iPhone XR up for sale on its website. The accessory is available for order today and can be picked up at your local Apple store.

But there’s a catch. Despite this case being a simple piece of plastic for your phone, in typical Apple fashion, the company is selling it for $39. That’s the same price as the company’s silicone cases which, undoubtedly, offer much more protection. However, this clear case is the only iPhone XR case Apple currently makes, with the silicone finishes only fitting the XS and XS Max. So if you absolutely need an Apple-branded case for your XR, you’re stuck paying $39 for a piece of plastic until the company releases more variations.

Still, if you wanna buy one, you can do so from this link.