Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro might be 10 percent lighter and have improved battery life

According to Mark Gurman at Bloomberg, there could be some substantial improvements to battery life.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max cameras

Apple’s big event is scheduled for next Tuesday where we’ll finally get to see the iPhone 15 series for the first time. But that hasn’t halted the rumor mill, as Bloomberg‘s Mark Guman has just shared some new details on what to expect from the two highest-end models, the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max.

According to Gurman, the two phones will use titanium for their casing instead of stainless steel. That’s been reported numerous times in the past, but what we didn’t know was how much of a weight difference it would make. Gurman says both phones should be about 10 percent lighter than their predecessors, which is pretty significant. For context, the iPhone 14 Pro weighs about 206 grams while the 14 Pro Max weighs 240 grams. This would mean the 15 Pro could drop down to about 186 grams, while the 15 Pro Max would weigh around 216 grams.

The new titanium frame will also aid in durability and come with a brushed finish, opposed to a glossy one that collects fingerprints (look at you, iPhone 12 Pro, 13 Pro, and 14 Pro).

Despite the weight difference, the batteries inside both phones are expected to grow, while also taking advantage of new efficiencies in the 3-nanometer A17 Bionic processor. Gurman says the “biggest enhancements are the battery life savings” in regards to the A17, which is a big deal. Many users have reported poor battery performance from the 14 Pro series, including myself. Any improvement is welcome at this point, so it’s nice to hear we’ll be getting that next week.

In his report, Gurman reiterates a lot of the same rumors we’ve heard before. The bezels on the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max are expected to shrink by a third, thanks to a new manufacturing process. The ultra-wide and telephoto cameras will see upgrades, while the 48MP main camera from the 14 Pro will stick around. The 15 Pro Max will get a new periscope telephoto camera with 5-6x optical zoom. The mute switch is being replaced by an “action button,” there will be a USB-C port on both models, and there are two new colors: a silver-ish gray and dark blue.

We’ll know everything about the iPhone 15 Pro and cheaper iPhone 15 come next Tuesday, so stay tuned.