Apple iOS 13 Leaks in New Screenshots, Dark Mode and Upgraded Apps Showcased

We’re less than a week away from Apple officially debuting iOS 13, the next major upgrade for iPhones, iPads, and the iPod touch. But that doesn’t mean a round of leaks can’t surface on the internet in the meantime. 9to5Mac has published new screenshots of the upcoming software upgrade which show off the new dark mode, the redesigned Reminders app, a new screenshot UI, and the icon for a new location-finding app.

Apple’s dark mode and new screenshots UI in iOS 13. | Image: 9to5Mac

The most anticipated new feature of iOS 13 is by far the dark mode, and 9to5Mac shows it off in the screenshots above. As you can see, when enabled, dark mode will cause the dock on your home screen to adopt a much darker background color. Meanwhile, apps like Music appear to adopt either a near-black or completely black background. This is something users have been asking for for years, so it’s nice to see Apple finally include it.

Dark mode should be available to enable from Control Center if rumors are correct.

Next to the two dark mode screenshots, there’s a third photo which shows off the redesigned screenshot UI. In iOS 12, when taking a screenshot, you’re greeted by a light gray background. With iOS 13, it appears you’ll see a transparent background with much more life-like utilities at the bottom. The iPad, according to 9to5Mac, will feature a similar UI but with a tray of utilities that can be dragged around the screen.

Apple’s redesigned Reminders app in iOS 13 on the iPad. | Image: 9to5Mac

Next up, Apple’s redesigned version of the Reminders app has also made an appearance o the iPad. As you can see, the app will adopt a cleaner interface with large tabs to access daily reminders, scheduled reminders, all reminders, and flagged reminders. A search field will sit at the top while your lists will sit at the bottom. It should look similar on the iPhone.

Apple’s Find My app in iOS 13. | Image: 9to5Mac

Finally, 9to5Mac has also leaked the icon for Apple’s new “Find My” app which will combine the functionality of Find My Friends and Find My iPhone. It’ll look similar to both apps with a large map in the center. 9to5Mac also says dark mode will work the same way in this app as it would in the Maps app on macOS in which the background of the map turns black.

There’s still plenty yet to be discovered concerning iOS 13 so keep it locked to Matridox for the latest.