Apple Could Show Off its Redesigned Mac Pro at WWDC This June

Apple confirmed way back in 2017 that it would be redesigning the Mac Pro with a modular focus and upgraded specs. Since then, the only profession Mac we’ve gotten is the iMac Pro which is already beginning to show its age. Luckily, we might not have to wait much longer until we see the new Mac Pro for the first time.

In a lengthy report that detailed iOS 13, macOS 10.15, and watchOS 6, Bloomberg today hinted that Apple could show off its redesigned Mac Pro at WWDC this June. The publication said the following regarding the matter, albeit keeping things brief.

While the developer conference is software-focused, the company often sprinkles new hardware announcements in at the event. For this year, Apple has been considering debuting a revamped Mac Pro desktop computer.

This isn’t direct confirmation, by any means, that a new Mac Pro will be shown off next month. But because the possibility is still alive, there’s good reason to get excited for this year’s World Wide Developers Conference.

In addition, Bloomberg also mentions Apple’s upcoming 6K monitor that it’s working on as a professional accessory. The report doesn’t specifically say we might see it at WWDC, but the article also doesn’t deny it.

There’s a lot of speculation up in the air right now that will only be brought back down to Earth when Apple takes the stage on June 3rd. Stay tuned until then for more information.