Apple Announces iOS 13 with Dark Mode, New Apps, Better Performance at WWDC 2019

Apple today announced iOS 13, the next major release for the operating system. The update will be released to the public this fall. Here are the biggest new features.


With iOS 13, Apple is focusing yet again on speed. The company says apps will now launch twice as fast, updates will be up to 60 percent smaller, and apps will now be 50 percent smaller. Apple is also making Face ID 30 percent faster.

Dark Mode

Of course, the biggest new feature is dark mode, and Apple demoed it onstage. It’s exactly as you’d expect: everything that’s light becomes dark. Apple definitely tried to make it sound more exciting than it actually is, but in all fairness, it’s pretty cool to finally see the feature reach iOS.

Reminders, Safari, Maps, and Keyboard Improvements

Apple is also including updates in various apps with iOS 13. The Reminders app, for instance, has been completely redesigned. Safari has some under-hood improvements to better the overall experience. Maps gets a new design with richer context. Heck, even the keyboard gets an update with a new dark mode and swipe support.


For privacy, Apple is introducing a new “Sign In with Apple” tool that developers can integrate into their products. This will allow you to log into various services with your Apple ID for a more secure log-in experience compared to Facebook or Google. If a developer wants to access your email after you sign in with your Apple ID, Apple will give you the option to either share your email or hide it by using a randomized email that forwards any messages you get from the service you log into.

Camera and Photos

In iOS 13, the Photos app has been completely redesigned. It now sports four different tabs at the bottom to give you quick access to different ways to view your pictures in videos over days, weeks, and years. Improved search and object identification is also onboard.

In the camera department, Apple is adding a new High-Key Mono portrait mode effect in iOS 13. You can now also edit photos with much more extensive tools than before. The same tools can be used with videos which can now be rotated.


Animoji in iOS 13 is getting a whole new set of customization controls to further fine-tune your Memoji’s look. You can also use your Memoji as an emoji in your keyboard or as a sticker in Messages and Mail.


With iOS 13, Apple is giving Siri a new voice thanks to its new natural text to speech neural engine which improves any auto-generated voice that comes out of your device. You also get Suggested Automations that can provide personalized routines for things such as heading to the gym or work.


iOS 13 improves streaming audio on your iPhone or iPod by allowing users to connect two different pairs of wireless headphones to their device and let a friend listen with them. I can imagine this feature coming in handy for two people who want to watch a movie together on an iPad or something.

Apple lists all the new features in iOS 13 in its press release which you can read here.

The first developer beta of iOS 13 will roll out today. Public beta testers can install the software this July. iOS 13 will be supported on the iPhone SE and up, meaning the iPhone 6s will get the new update but not the iPhone 6.