Apple reportedly working on AI fitness coach for 2024, Health app in iPadOS 17

The new health coach will reportedly analyze your daily habits and Apple Watch data to determine what changes you need to make for a healthier lifestyle.

There’s been a lot of Apple rumors recently, and this next one comes as a bit of a surprise: according to Bloomberg, the Cupertino tech giant is developing an AI-based fitness coach that’ll help guide you in your health journey. Allegedly codenamed “Quartz,” the AI tool would utilize its own understanding of your habits and combine it with data from your Apple Watch to make educated recommendations on what steps you should take to improve your exercise, sleep, and diet.

The feature, which isn’t expected until 2024 at the earliest, would broaden Apple’s influence in your health improvement efforts, while also keeping users tightly locked to their platform. It’s unclear where the AI tool would be run (whether locally or via the cloud), and it’s also unclear how much it’ll cost (Bloomberg believes it’ll be a paid service and not a free perk for owning Apple products).

It’s worth noting that while Quartz is believed to launch next year, it could also be postponed or outright canceled. Bloomberg says several internal groups at Apple are working on it, including the health, Siri and AI teams, along with its services division.

That’s not all Bloomberg talks about in its report. For this year, the publication believes Apple will finally ship a version of the Health app designed for the iPad, with a hope to “boost the app’s popularity in health-care settings, where tablets have already made inroads.” I imagine you’ll also be able to watch Fitness Plus workout tutorials on your iPad, but that’s not mentioned in today’s report.

In addition, Apple is allegedly working on a new emotion tracker to keep tabs on your mental health throughout the day (a separate feature from the rumored journaling tools coming this year). The company will also launch tools to help those who are nearsighted. No release date has been given for these features, but there’s a chance we’ll see them this June during WWDC as a part of iOS 17.