Anker Built an Amazon Fire TV into its Soundbar

Anker has announced a new version of its Nebula Soundbar. In this case, it doesn’t just come with better sound or more bass. In fact, in terms of sound quality, the new Nebula should be identical to the old one. It’s under the hood where things get interesting as the soundbar can now double as your smart TV interface.

Thanks to a partnership with Amazon, Anker’s Nebula Soundbar is now available in a special Fire TV edition. This allows you to plug the soundbar into your television and be greeted by the Fire TV OS interface. You’ll get an identical experience compared to what you get from things like Fire TV Sticks and the new Fire TV Cube. You also get 4K HDR support and Amazon Alexa for hands-free interactions.

In case you feel like you’re having a case of déjà vu, you kind of are. JBL released a similar soundbar that had Android TV and the Google Assistant on it, but that model got delayed multiple times before it eventually started shipping. It isn’t clear if Anker will meet its publicized November 21st shipping date, but I’d bet there’s a solid chance they will. I don’t really think JBL knew when its product would be ready until way after they thought they could ship it.

If you want to buy this Fire TV-powered soundbar, it’ll cost you $229.99. Like I said, it’ll start shipping near the end of November.