Android Wear 2.0 Developer Beta 4 Now Available for Testing

Google today released the fourth developer beta of Android Wear 2.0, an update to the smartwatch OS originally unveiled at I/O 2016. The new build features some new additions based on developer feedback alongside some tweaks to make the experience better.


Addressing the elephant in the room, Google has built in a special feature based on new APIs called one-click Google Sign-in. This allows users to tap one button on their phone to log into a Google account on their watch. This’ll save time and effort when you’re dealing with such a small screen as a smartwatch’s.

DP4 also brings in-app billing to Android Wear, allowing users to purchase in-app content via a 4-digit PIN similar to how you’d use a credit/debit card at brick-and-mortar stores. In addition, swipe-to-dismiss notifications and support for legacy Android Wear 1.0 apps are also here.

Interestingly, developers who believe their apps work better when they’re on both your phone and smartwatch can now push users to get the software on both devices by implementing new APIs. This will assure the folks behind the apps that you’re properly using their applications. Whether this will be welcome by the public positively or not will be anyone’s guess until next year, so stay tuned.

Currently, only the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE and Huawei Watch are supported by the Android Wear 2.0 beta, however when the OS launches next year, more devices will be added to that list. For those wondering, you can download the appropriate Android Wear 2.0 DP4 images here.