Android VP Tweets Yet Another Hint at Android N’s Name

By now, we’re all basically jumping out of our skin waiting to hear the next version of Android(N)’s name. Google recently tweeted that the name will be unveiled within “a few weeks”, but that’s not good enough. That’s too long. And apparently, an Android VP agrees. So today, he also took to Twitter and gave us another hint at the upcoming title which, no surprise, suggests Android “Nutella” as the name.


This isn’t the first time Hiroshi Lockheimer tweeted out his “Nutella” hint. Here’s some more evidence of the probable name of Android N sent out by this same guy.





If you base your guess of this Lockheimer’s tweet history, you’d be pretty spot on if you said, “Android N’s name is most likely Nutella.” Plus, it wouldn’t be a foreign thing if Google came out and confirmed it. Remember Android 4.4’s name? It’s KitKat. So, it would make sense for the search giant to partner once again with a sweet distributor to give their next mobile OS update a name. Y’know, because what the heck?

What do you think Android N will be named? Will it be Nutella, or is this whole thing just a troll? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Source: Hiroshi Lockheimer (Twitter) via The Verge