Android Pay’s “Tap 10” Rewards Could Earn You a Free Chromecast

Google launched a new promotion this morning called “Tap 10”, which is a part of Android Pay, that could land you free song downloads from Google Play and even a free Chromecast.


The promotion is as follows: when users pay with their phones at the register via Android Pay and a “tap”, they’ll receive a free song download from Google Play, and the same goes for the second and sixth “taps”. If you continue to pay with Android Pay for the next month until you reach the 10 mark, you’ll receive a promo code from Google for a free Chromecast via the Google Store. Yes, it’s that easy! (Terms & Conditions can be found here.)

The promo’s now open to the public and will extend to February 29th, so you’ve got some time to make that 10th purchase with your phone. Interestingly, lots of people are not receiving the promotion as of yet, what with the special appearing in your Android Pay app as a card that, when tapped, opens up a UI containing all of the information necessary about “Tap 10”. Here’s some screenshots of what a user saw when he took action on the card:

Let us know when you get the card in your Android Pay app! Now get tapping, everyone!