Android Marshmallow is Now on 7.5% of All Devices (Yay?)

Google has released the latest stats on their Android operating system, and according to the chart that was published, Android Marshmallow is now on 7.5% of all devices running the mobile OS. This is up 2.9% from last month’s stat of 4.6%.


With Lollipop still being the most widely used version of Android at 35.6% and Google I/O being right around the corner where Android N will be discussed even more, it makes you wonder why Marshmallow never really took off. Personally, I think it’s due to lack of compelling features. Sure, Now on Tap is loaded in the OS alongside some battery saving tools and app permission tweaks, but I still have yet to hear from someone who thinks any of these features are as great as ones found in Lollipop. It’s kind of sad, actually. But while this all may be true, I think N will be much better than Marshmallow and be more widely accepted. It’s got many more features that users will better appreciate and has already grown to be pretty popular. I don’t know about you, but I feel like N will be the best version of Android ever.

For reference, KitKat dropped to 32.5% of devices, Jelly Bean is at 20.1%, Ice Cream Sandwich is on 2% of devices, while Gingerbread and Froyou remain at 2.2% and .1% respectively.

What do you think of the latest stats? Are you surprised by how little devices are running Marshmallow? Let us know with a comment below!