Amazon’s Upcoming Kindle Has Leaked – Here’s What We Know

Jeff Bezos hinted last week that an 8th generation Kindle would be coming out way this week, and while we still have yet to see exactly what device Amazon has cooked up, it appears that we may not have to wait any longer for the company’s latest e-reader to be officially announced. A Tmall page has surfaced on the internet (however has been taken down) showing what the site claims to be the new Kindle Oasis.


This Kindle will supposedly sport a chunky bezel on one of it’s sides for ease of one-handed use alongside a big chunk right below this oddly wide bezel for gripability. The page turn buttons can be found on the wider bezel and are nice and large.


The display of the new Oasis is reportedly going to feature a PPI (pixels per inch) count of 300 which is just as sharp as the Kindle Voyage. However, Amazon has supposedly increased the number of LEDs in this new model by 60%, so expect a brighter experience whenever you use the backlight with this new e-reader.

Body wise, we’re looking at 131 grams (0.29lbs) which is supposedly 20% lighter than previous models alongside a 3.4mm thickness at the device’s thinnest point and 8.4mm at it’s thickest, so there’s definitely a noticeable difference between the two points.

20 months is the rumored standby time of the new Kindle Oasis. This is thanks to the device’s rumored rechargeable battery case, “Kindle sleep mode” (probably a simple software feature), and Amazon’s unique “dual-battery system” which allows the device to use the battery built inside the case at the same time of it’s own power supply to increase the use time. To charge the case means to charge both the case and the Oasis at the same time, then when unplugged means to use the case’s battery first before the Kindle’s own power. Magnets apparently attach the two objects, with the case coming in three colors and available in leather no matter what color you choose.


Pricing hasn’t been spotted yet anywhere, so we’ll probably have to wait for Bezos to announce the new Kindle formally this week to know that. I really don’t know if this is going to be a valuable upgrade for Voyage or Paperwhite users as all three devices are pretty similar in functionality and features. But once again, we’ll have to wait and see what Amazon says about the new device to make that decision.