Amazon’s Music Unlimited Service Now Works for Families at $14.99

Just over a month ago, Amazon introduced a new music streaming service called Amazon Music Unlimited with a bunch of different subscription options for however you listen to your music. However, the company didn’t provide a way for families or groups to take advantage of the service. This changes today as Amazon has introduced a new family plan for up to six users costing just $14.99.

With Amazon offering a family plan for their music service, the company is again placed in the same markets as leading competitors like Spotify and Apple, therefore creating stiffer competition. But with the remaining inclusion of the major retailer’s $3.99/month and $7.99/month options for Amazon Echo users and Prime subscribers respectively, the company still has plenty to differentiate itself from the rest. So in all reality, a family plan was a necessity to remain in the same leagues as others while still attempting to become the leader in music streaming.

For the average user’s family, you’ll be paying $14.99 per month. If yo have a Prime subscription, you can opt for a $149/year option that brings the cost down to about $12.50/month. If you still have yet to try Music Unlimited, click here for a free 30-day trial.