Amazon’s Instant Pickup Can Fulfill Orders in Two Minutes

Amazon today is introducing Instant Pickup, a faster way to obtain products one orders from the company’s website. The way it works is when a user places an order from Amazon, they can choose one of currently five available fully-staffed pickup locations in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Berkeley, Calif., Columbus, Ohio, and College Park, Md to pick up their item. The retailer advertises it takes “two minutes or less” for employees to fulfill your order by placing the items you bought in a secure locker which you can then visit to claim your purchase. College students will likely benefit from this perk better than anyone since all they’ll have to do to pick up a snack or extra phone charger is drive over to one of Amazon’s locations and grab what’s theirs.

“Instant Pickup is another way Amazon is making life more convenient for Prime members,” said Ripley MacDonald, Director, Student Programs,Amazon. “As shopping behaviors continue to evolve, customers consistently tell us that they want items even faster. Whether it’s a snack on-the-go, replacing a lost phone charger in the middle of a hectic day or adding Alexa to your life with an Echo, Instant Pickup saves Prime members time. While Instant Pickup is available at select pickup locations today, we’re excited about bringing this experience to more customers soon.”

Amazon says they’ll be introducing more eligible locations for Instant Pickup soon. The company notes they operate a total of 22 fulfillment locations, so it’s likely all of them will soon participate in the program.

It’s worth noting you’ll need to be a Prime or Prime Student subscriber to take advantage of Instant Pickup. At this point, I can’t imagine many of you aren’t subscribed, but just in case, click here.

For more information on Instant Pickup, click here.