Amazon’s Fire TV Cube Gets Upgraded with Faster Voice Processing, Dolby Vision, and HDR+

Amazon is holding one of its infamous press briefings where they unveil a ton of products in the span of about a half-hour. In this article, I’m detailing one of the more noteworthy announcements: the new Fire TV Cube.

Granted, the external appearance of the new Fire TV Cube is basically unchanged from the previous generation. It’s still a solid cube with sharp corners that sits below your TV. But inside, there are a few new upgrades that could convince you to buy it.

For one, it’s faster. Amazon is using a new hexa-core processor with the upgraded Fire TV Cube that enables a new feature called Local Voice Control. Essentially, Local Voice Control lets the cube use its own hardware to handle certain common voice commands without having to resort to some heavy server on the internet. In a nutshell, common tasks like scrolling and going back to the main menu with your voice should be faster now.

Amazon also gave the Fire TV Cube better microphones and voice processing techniques to suppress noise and reverberation.

Finally, the Fire TV Cube now supports Dolby Vision and HDR+ output alongside 4K Ultra HD and HDR10.

Amazon will sell the new Fire TV Cube for the same price as the old one. Beginning October 10th, you’ll be able to buy one for $119.99. Preorders are open now.