Amazon Unveils New Kindle Oasis with Color Tone Adjusting

Amazon today unveiled the third generation of its high-end Kindle Oasis with a couple of new features.

The most notable of these features is color tone adjusting. Now, you can adjust the color temperature of the device’s backlight to make it more appealing to stare at for longer periods of time. Think of it as a blue light filter that you get on your phone. It works with either manual input or automatic settings which can gradually increase the screen’s yellow tint as the sun sets. This also helps if you want the illusion of real paper.

Secondly, the Kindle Oasis comes with what Amazon calls “the next generation of e-Ink technology.” That apparently menas faster page turns, but truth be told, I have no idea what else this translates to because Amazon doesn’t specify. I’ll let you know if I learn anything about it, however.

Besides these features, the Oasis stays largely the same with a 7-inch screen, waterproofing, Bluetooth, and a microUSB port. Amazon will keep it the same price for $249.99 which gets you 8GB of storage. Meanwhile, the $279.99 model gets you 32GB of storage. Both will go up for sale on July 24th. You can pre-order starting today.