Amazon Day Will Let You Choose When to Receive Packages

Amazon wants to make sure you receive your packages at the right time in the right place so nothing goes wrong and you don’t lose any shipments. That’s the reason behind features like in-house and in-car delivery which let shippers drop off packages inside your vehicle or home. Now, the trillion-dollar retailer is gearing up to allow customers to receive a number of different packages at once thanks to Amazon Day.

As reported by CNET (via The Verge), Amazon Day is a pretty straightforward feature in which it will let customers select a day for when they want their packages to arrive. This way, if you have multiple items all shipping separately, you can choose to have them arrive at your doorstep at the time convenient for you. And if weekend delivery is available in your area, Saturday can be your shipment receiving day, if you want.

This feature is beneficial for two parties: the ones who buy lots of items regularly from Amazon (such as those who shop for home-centric goods like laundry detergent and groceries) and Amazon themselves. The latter has spent almost $2 billion extra over last quarter in fulfillment costs, partially due to extra packaging needed for more orders. If Amazon can drive those costs down by including your packages in larger containers at a lesser quantity, they can drive down their bottom line and make more profit.

As for the former, it’s always helpful being able to stay home or at a specific location waiting for your packages to arrive. This way, they don’t get stolen and you can ensure everything was delivered. It’s also helpful for Secret Santas who shop on Amazon for their families around the holidays.

Unfortunately, it isn’t clear if everyone will have access to Amazon Day by the time the holiday season kicks into full gear. Amazon is currently allowing only a few select shoppers to try out the feature. If you’re one of them, you’ll see the option to pick your shipment date at checkout. You can even get free two-day shipping so long as items you purchase comply with the company’s Prime program.

So far, it’s looking like Amazon Day may roll out to everyone in the coming months. Of course, we’ll keep you posted on any developments.