After a Delay, JBL’s Link Bar with Android TV and the Google Assistant Will Ship This Spring

Today during CES 2019, JBL finally announced when it plans to ship its much-anticiapted Link Bar soundbar. According to the company, the device will make its way to customers beginning this spring. It’ll retail for $399.95, with a separate subwoofer going for $299.95.

What makes the JBL Link Bar special are its capabilities. It’ll sound nice, sure, but it also comes with Android TV compatibility, allowing you to plug it into your television and use Google’s TV interface along with all the apps that support it. In addition, you can use the speaker portion plus your TV for the Google Assistant which will create an immersive experience similar to a Smart Display but, obviously, bigger.

If this thing’s on display at CES 2019, I’ll do my best to make my way to its booth and take pics. Stay tuned, my friends.