A New Campaign Committee Aims to Elect Dwayne Johnson for President in 2020

There’s a new campaign committee officially registered with the Federal Elections Commission. No, it’s not for Donald Trump’s re-election (yet) or Hilary Clinton’s next run. Rather, it’s for former WWE superstar, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, as reported by The Hill.

While the committee remains informally connected to Johnson, it’s clear it’s intended to elect The Rock for President of the United States come 2020. The committee, known as Run The Rock 2020, was established by a man named Kenton Tilford from West Virginia. His ties to Johnson remain unclear for the time being.

A potential presidential run for Johnson hasn’t been completely off the table. In an interview with GQ, the now-actor stated a run for president was “a real possibility.” Back in 2000, he spoke at the Republican National Convention and even joked about a campaign back then. Therefore, it probably wouldn’t surprise anyone if The Rock was at the first presidential debate for 2020.

Of course, many questions remain as to what the actor’s specifics would be regarding his campaign. Considering he’s a registered Independent, it’s unclear if he would compete against The Donald in the Republican party or if he’d choose blue and go Democratic. Either way, this upcoming election season should be pretty interesting.