2020 iPhones might come with 120Hz displays

Apple is back in the news to kick off the last week of October. According to a fresh report out of DigiTimes, there’s a pretty real possibility that the company will adopt its ProMotion technology with the 2020 iPhone lineup. Much like iPad Pros since 2017, the iPhone may finally start shipping with a 120Hz display, a more than welcome feature in the age of 90Hz Android phones.

If Apple releases the feature on its 2020 phones, it isn’t clear what models will get it. If the company goes the iPad route, there’s a good chance ProMotion will remain exclusive to iPhone Pro models. It’s also unclear if Apple will utilize a variable refresh rate that can range from 60Hz to 120Hz when and where necessary, but I’d bet money this is the implementation the company goes with.

With a refresh rate of anything higer than 60Hz, the content on your screen will look much smoother when you scroll through it. In addition, apps will feel faster, switching between apps will be more eye-pleasing, and your entire experience will feel much more fluid. I speak from experience using the 11-inch iPad Pro which has ProMotion. Granted, on a phone, 120Hz might drain battery life, but I’m sure Apple wouldn’t release the feature if they knew it was gonna take a serious toll on your battery. After all, they cared about battery life a lot this year with the iPhone 11 series.

We’re still 11 months out from actually seeing these phones officially, so anything could chance in the mean time. Still, I thought this was an interesting article to start the week.