Will the iPhone 7 Come in “Deep Blue” Rather Space Gray? [Poll]

A new report by Macotakara suggests that as a configuration for the smartphone, Apple will drop their famous “Space Gray” color option and instead opt for a “Deep Blue” type appearance for the upcoming iPhone 7. This could be an evolution of the former, as this “Deep Blue” could be so dark that it looks almost black/gray. However, I don’t think I’m buying it…


See, every time an iPhone launches, one of (or it is) the first colors to sell out is Space Gray. People want Space Gray. So why would Apple get rid of that all together and instead give us some type of blue option? Don’t get me wrong, I think a “Deep Blue” iPhone 7 would look great. I just don’t see the firm replacing Space Gray with it, that’s all.

Here’s a rough translation of Macotakara’s article about the possible color shift:

According to the China of reliable supplier information, liquid crystal glass surface of the next iPhone is not the same as the current model. However, it seems a new deep blue color is added. Current Silver, Gold, joined by Deep Blue to Rose Gold, information sources that there is a high possibility that the space gray disappears says.

According To Reliable Information From A Chinese Supplier, The LCD Glass Surface Of The IPhone 7 To Be Released By Apple As The Next Model Will Be The Same As That Of The Current Model. However, A Deep Blue Color Will Probably Be Added This Time. As a Deep Blue will be added to the current Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold, it is highly likely that the Space Gray will be discontinued, says the informed source.

In my eyes, it’s unlikely Space Gray will go away and be replaced by some “Deep Blue” color. Even if Apple gets enough demand for a blue iPhone 7, I still don’t see the darkest shade the firm offers going away any time soon.

What do you think? Will Apple rid the iPhone 7 lineup of Space Gray and replace it with “Deep Blue”, will we see both colors as options, or is this all fake? Let us know by voting on the poll below and feel free to share your comments!

Source: Macotakara via 9to5Mac