Report: Twitter Will Soon No Longer Count Images and Links as Characters

A new report by Bloomberg has been released stating that Twitter will soon update their social network so that tweets sent out with images and links don’t take up any characters. Only letters, numbers, and special characters like “&” or “$” will count.

As of now, 20 to 25 valuable characters can be taken up by links and images in tweets, so by having that kind of media not even count would be a big plus. Of course, not many people mind being limited like they are now, however journalists or brand account runners (like myself) will find the change much needed. The general public? Not so much, however if you use Twitter everyday as one of your main social networks, you may appreciate the difference much more.

A tweet character extension looks to be not even a rumor as of now. Earlier in the year, Twitter was said to be extending the current 140 limit to 10,000 characters. That’s a lot, and it seemed unlikely at the time, and it’s even more unlikely now. I can see Twitter sticking to their 140 character limit and make little workarounds like this to make the limit more flexible. Do you agree? Let me know in the comments.

Source: Bloomberg via The Verge