Report: OS X 10.12 to Allow Users to Unlock Their Mac with Touch ID on iPhone

For a while now, people have wished to have some kind of security sensor, like a fingerprint scanner, built into their Mac to unlock their computer more securely than just a password. Apple has acknowledge this need for more security for quite some time now, with them being granted a patent last october for a Touch ID sensor built into one of their computers. Even though this patent was greeted with laughter since the images used were from 2007, it did indicate that Apple was at least considering something more secure than just a password to secure one’s Mac. However, since we don’t plan on seeing a physical fingerprint scanner being built into a Mac any time soon, it looks like Apple may be coming up with a workaround they’re planning to release with OS X 10.12 this June at WWDC.

According to a new report by Mac Rumors, Apple is building a new feature into OS X 10.12 alongside iOS 10 to allow one’s Touch ID sensor on their iPhone to unlock their Mac, eliminating the need to enter a password all the time. When in close contact, your iPhone would tell your Mac, “Hey, if this guy scans his fingerprint with me, unlock yourself.” This would work over Bluetooth LE (low energy) and sip very little battery juice. Apple currently has a feature like this for the Apple Watch which, when paired to an iPhone, doesn’t require a user to punch in a passcode on the small keyboard.

The Apple Watch may also be granted capability with the new feature as well to make the process of unlocking one’s Mac even simpler, however it’s unclear just how that would work since you’d probably need to enter a passcode since there’s no fingerprint sensor or something on the Watch. Adding your Watch as a verified device, however, to your Mac over Bluetooth may be that workaround we’re looking for.

Apple Pay support for the web is also rumored to be added in this report which would allow one to purchase items from an online store such as Target or Amazon and use the Touch ID sensor on your iPhone to pay while on your Mac. Earlier reports also hinted at this feature, and it looks like it’s going to come to pass if this leak is of any indication.

Nothing is set in stone, however. If Apple decides to change their minds, you’ll have to suffer with typing in that super secure password (which is probably password123) to keep intruders off of your Mac. Once again, all we can do is hope and pray that this plan comes to pass.

Source: Mac Rumors