Report: iTunes 12.4 to Include Side Bar, Redesigned “Media Picker”

A report by MacRumors claims that the upcoming update to iTunes, version 12.4, will feature a redesigned side menu for quicker and easier navigation. In addition, other smaller tweaks will make their way into the update to overall make the experience a lot better according to the site’s unknown source.


For starters, rather a bunch of icons which most of the time don’t really work, a new customizable drop down menu will appear right below the playback controls for easier navigation throughout. Items such as Artists, Podcasts, and Audiobooks can all be added to this menu. A new consistent search bar will also be featured on the top right of iTunes alongside the Up Next menu.


Second, the new “View” menu can be used to customize the drop down menu at the top of iTunes to better suite your needs. By having this type of flexibility, a user can fine tune iTunes to their liking and not feel limited.

Last but not least, the iTunes mini player, which is simply a small window which floats around giving users access to basic controls to play their media, will also receive some tweaks and also be given the replacement of the Up Next menu to the right of the window.

All of these changes should be worth the while in the end. Right now, iTunes is such a mess that more and more users are not using it. That’s not good for Apple, let alone Apple Music. By making these changes, however, in theory, more people should start using the media playing software once more, and hopefully forget about this horrible mess it’s recently become.