Report: Apple’s Looking for 800,000 Square Feet to Test Their Car

The Wall Street Journal has published an article detailing a recent investor call Hudson Pacific Properties, one of the largest property companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, was a part of. In this call, CEO Victor Coleman stated that Apple’s keeping a peeled eye for an 800,000 square feet facility or simply a designated area so they can begin testing their poorly-secretive car Project Titan. Coleman spoke about the rise in demand for R&D vehicle testing and mentioned a few other big names in the rumored world of car projects.

We’re seeing the Toyotas of the world, the Teslas of the world, BMWs, Mercedes. Ford now is out in the marketplace looking for space. I haven’t even mentioned the 400,000 square feet that Google’s looking to take down and the 800,000 square feet that Apple’s looking to take down for their autonomous cars as well.

For scale, 800,000 square feet is a little less than a third of the size of Apple’s upcoming campus they’re currently building which is 2.8 million square feet. And while 800,000 square feet is on the smaller side for car testing areas, it’s still pretty massive.

Other companies, according to the WSJ, such as Google and Tesla are also in the look-out for car testing facilities as well, with both looking to expand upon the already required space they previously obtained.

What’s your take on it? Is Apple developing a car, or is this all just a joke? Leave a comment below with your opinion!