Report: Apple’s Answer to Amazon Echo Coming Soon

A new report by The Information states that Apple is currently working on an Amazon Echo competitor which will be operated via Siri, the company’s AI personal voice assistant rumored to also be coming to the Mac in OS X 10.12. There are also whispers that a possible SDK to open up Siri to developers might be coming as well, allowing more apps like Uber to take advantage of the hands-free operations Siri offers.

With the smart home market being as hot as it is right now, it would make sense for Apple to enter it with their own take on a personal assistant like Amazon Echo or even the newly announced Google Home. If Apple wants to stay in the game, this would probably be one of the most necessary moves they could make.

While on the topic of necessary moves, opening up Siri to developers is definitely the way to go. It’s not like Apple to open source important elements of their products like this, which is why everyone’s jaws dropped when Swift, the company’s programming language, was open sourced, however like I said previously, to stay in the game, Apple must keep up with current evolutions and not “purposely” remain behind everyone else and wait for the technology to “perfect” in order to be called an Apple product. Trust me, a Siri SDK will be met with much love from developers and will probably be the greatest thing Apple’s ever done since the iPhone. One day, you’ll be able to say, “Hey Siri, hail me an Uber,” or, “Hey Siri, get me two large pizzas from Domino’s.” The name of the game? Endless opportunities.

What’s your take on this story? Does it seem legit, or just another rumor that probably will never happen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Source: The Information via The Verge