Report: Apple to Release New Super-Thin MacBooks Later This Year

A report has been released today by Digitimes stating that new ultra-thin MacBooks will make their debut possibly at WWDC however won’t be available until later in 2016. This goes against an earlier report the site published that suggested the new laptops would be available sometime before July. Now, it appears that’s not the case.

Design wise, the new MacBooks are said to be much thinner and possibly replace the current MacBook Pro options available, making a super powerful computer with a beautiful build real. The laptops are said to come in Silver, Space Gray, Gold, and a new Rose Gold shade and feature a new hinge design created by metal injection molding. This, apparently, is a key factor in making the computer as thin as possible. This same type of hinge is showcased on Microsoft’s Surface tablets which is manufactured by Amphenol, the same company rumored to make the hinges for Apple’s upcoming MacBooks.

It’s also rumored that the new MacBooks will have not one, but two (or maybe more) USB-C ports on either side of the computers to make charging and data transfer more convenient. It’s also to keep the form factor of the laptops as thin as Apple can manufacturer.

It’s very unclear what exactly these new ultra-slim MacBooks will be targeting. They could come to replace the Pros or they could come to replace both the current Retina MacBook and MacBook Airs. I really like option #2 as that would make the most sense, but lets be honest, when has Apple’s product lines ever made sense?