Report: Apple to Announce New MacBook Airs This Month

We’ve already seen the upgraded MacBook for 2016 and are still waiting on th official announcement of new MacBook Pro models possibly with an OLED touch bar. But where does the MacBook Air stand on upgrades or refreshes? Did Apple forget about it? Well, according to Macotakara, the company indeed didn’t and are planning on announcing an upgraded version of the laptop this month. However, don’t expect this update to be major…

See, one main reason to believe that this “upgrade” won’t be anything more than a spec bump is simply based on the fact that no rumors or leaks about these new MacBook Airs have come out before in the past other than some stating that thinner Airs would be coming this year (which they aren’t if recent reports indicate anything). Plus, due to recent history of Apple announcing the 13-inch MacBook Air now gets 8GB of RAM standard within one line of the press release for the 2016 MacBook, we can’t rule out anything more about the announcement of these new Airs other than the fact that they’ll most likely be unveiled via press release.

However, this new speculation is now becoming a bit confusing. Macotakara claims that, according to a “reliable Chinese supplier”, Apple will also introduce the new highly rumored MacBook Pros on the same day as the new MacBook Airs. This hints at the possibility of no big announcement straight from Apple live onstage as many have been hoping for and just a simple press release to talk about both new computer models. If this happens, it’s gonna be a bit hard to build at least some hype around the new MacBook Pro with an OLED touch bar (if rumors are true) since no big announcement was made. Nonetheless, Apple must have their reasoning with this plan and must have some tricks up their sleeves to really pull this off.

In addition, Macotakara also states that Apple will soon cancel production of the 11-inch MacBook Air “to focus on the 13-inch and 15-inch ones”. This may be due to the MacBook’s 12-inch size proving to be a better size for people who want a smaller laptop.

One last tidbit of information Macotakara gives us is basically their blessing on the rumor that the new MacBook Pros will include multiple USB-C ports rather USB-A sockets and Thunderbolt jacks. The blog doesn’t really make themselves clear when they state this, as they say “all of these models are developed with support for the USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 ports in mind”. This could indicate that both the Pro and Air models will begin supporting USB-C. If this happens, Apple’s MacBook (which already is in an awkward position) will be placed in a really odd spot on the firm’s laptop line since it already features USB-C and is even thinner than the Air.

What do you make of these new leaks? Do they mean anything, or could all of this simply be false? Let us know your opinion in the comments!

Source: Macotakara via 9to5Mac