Report: Android N Will Feature Hamburger Menu in Settings for Ease of Navigation

A new report by Android Police has come out stating that Android N, the next version of the popular mobile OS, will feature a hamburger menu built into the Settings app for ease of navigation inside different options for switching things on and off. This comes almost a week after a separate report came out stating Android N wouldn’t feature an app drawer built into the stock launcher.

According to the report, the screenshots (shown above) were first spotted in a post on the Android Developer’s Blog about Android Support Library version 23.2. The site claims to be able to confirm that the pictures were taken via a build of Android N because of the mysterious hamburger menu button found in the Bluetooth settings menu.

Tucked in yesterday’s post about Android Support Library v23.2 were a couple of screenshots, posted on the Android Developer’s Blog, of an unreleased Android version. How do we know? Because there’s a hamburger button in the Bluetooth settings section, a button that doesn’t exist on Marshmallow, but that we’re able to confirm is there on Android N.

Android Police goes on to say how the buttons functions as if they’ve tried it before, however they obviously haven’t, otherwise they would’ve said so explicitly in their report.

This hamburger button does what hamburger buttons do: it opens the side drawer. The drawer has a list of all the settings sections so instead of going back to the main settings screen and choosing one, you can simply open the drawer, tap a new section, and jump to it immediately.

One thing to notice about the screenshots above is the fact that they were taken on a Nexus 5, as the white themed screenshot says “Nexus 5 is visible to nearby devices while Bluetooth settings is open” below the list of Available Devices to connect to. This could be a sign that the Nexus 5 may be compatible with Android N which is nice to know as that phone is still pretty popular even though the Nexus 6P and 5X, the sequel to the 5, have been released for a little while now.

It’s arguably going to be a lot faster when jumping from setting to setting with the hamburger menu built into the Settings app, as right now you need to navigate back to the main Settings page to access a different setting not categorized under the current one open. But however this seems to be a great idea, this feature couldn’t make it into the final build of Android N very well as it could. Only time will tell whether Google decides to add this feature or not, but if you want my opinion, I say go for it.

Could this be one of our first glimpses at Android N? Let us know your opinion of the matter in the comments below!