HP Falcon to Really Be Called the HP Elite x3?

Back in December last year, we reported that HP was developing a 5.4 inch smartphone called the HP Falcon. Ever since then, it’s been kinda hush-hush about the rumored device. However, a a Twitter user by the handle of @evleaks has sent a tweet out stating that the phone will hit the market and be called the HP Elite x3, which sounds like a name HP would give one of their devices.

It’s really unclear at this point whether the phone will launch or if it won’t, as there haven’t been any other reports recently that we can base our trust off of. However, there are whispers that the phone will be debuted at MWC 2016 which is only a little over a week ago, which would explain for all the wraps the “Elite x3” has been under. HP may be gearing up to shock the public with a new smartphone. Who knows?

For reference, the new HP-made phone is rumored to have a 5.4 inch 1024×768 screen, run on a Snapdragon 820, and power Windows 10 Mobile as the OS.