Google’s Pixel 4 Might Have Just Leaked

Today’s yet another day, and that means another day for new smartphone leaks to surface. While we haven’t heard much about the upcoming devices, the first solid leak of the Google Pixel 4 and/or 4 XL may have just made its way to the web.

This is all thanks to OnLeaks and Pricebaba who have published the first potential renders of the new devices. According to the historically-reliable sources, the Pixel 4 will feature a glass design like we’ve seen with the Pixel 3. But unlike the 3, the 4 will come with a much bigger camera bump. This is to house multiple camera sensors, presumably. It’s unclear if this means the Pixel 4 will have two or three sensors (maybe even four, if Google’s feeling crazy), but we’ll probably know in the near future.

Also visible are the volume and power buttons, an earpiece for phone calls at the top, and a G logo on the back. That’s it. We can’t tell if there’s a large or small notch, a USB-C port, a headphone jack, an edge-to-edge screen… nothing. It’s just a black slab that may or may not be Google’s next flagship.

If it is the Pixel 4, somebody may have won an internal competition at Google. Recently, it was rumored that the company had multiple different teams working on new designs for the Pixel 4. When they were all finished, somebody at Google would decide which is the best one and proceed to finalize the design and manufacturing it. The result of this tactic might be on display for us today in these new renders.

Again, it isn’t clear if these are the Pixel 4 and/or 4 XL, and they might not be Google phones at all. There could just be a G logo on the back just so the renders catch people’s attention. But considering where they’re coming from and the fact we’re now four months away from the new Pixels launching, it wouldn’t be crazy to go along with these renders and see how they play out.