First Look: Android N’s Notification Panel Will Be Redesigned, Ditch Card-Like Appearance

Android Police has published another report, and this one gives us our first look at what Android N’s notifications panel could look like. Of course, these are just renders, so the actual design of the panel could change entirely from now until the final version of Android N is released.

On the left is Android Marshmallow’s notification center, while on the right is a mockup of what Android N’s notification center could look like. As you can see, Android Police is envisioning a more flat and minimalist design opposed to the card-material design-like appearance of Lollipop. The news site also believes that we’ll see some toggles from the quick settings panel right after the first swipe down, as you need two swipes down to access quick settings in Lollipop and Marshmallow. The ones featured here are Wi-Fi, cellular network, battery, Do Not Disturb and other sound settings, and flashlight. These could come in very useful, however if you don’t see something you use often here, never fear: the quick settings panel is not going anywhere, as you’ll see in the screenshot below.

The biggest difference between these two panels is the width, as the one on the left (Android Marshmallow) doesn’t fill the entire width of the screen, while the one on the right (Android N) does. Android N’s also looks a bit more minimal, and again is really ditching that card-like appearance. And while cards are one of the reasons why material design looks so good, if Google decided to take an approach similar to this, we all probably won’t be disappointed. However, I might be a little…

Also found in the screenshot to the right is a little indicator below the setting toggles stating which page you’re on in the panel. This means that there will be multiple pages you can flick through to find the setting you need. You’ll also be able to edit the arrangement of the icons if that “EDIT” button is of any indication. That way, you can put less frequently used toggles on the second page while still having access to them.

What do you think of the new mockups? Will Google head in this direction of minimalist rather material design? Let us know in the comments!