2016 Nexus ‘Sailfish’ Photos Leak Ahead of Launch

A source who is likely trusted by the news site has shared images with Android Police claiming that they contain what appears to be the 2016 Nexus ‘Sailfish’, the smaller variant of the upcoming handsets from Google. The article linked above states that AP is “100% positive that this is Sailfish” and that it resembles their earlier renders of the smartphone (seen above).


Appearing in the images is what’s said to be a 5-inch Nexus smartphone with metal along the sides of the phone and up the back. This is accompanied by a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor and camera which are both sealed within a portion of glass at the top of the rear of the device. This looks rather similar to last year’s Nexus 6P with its large glass camera bar on the back. What appears in these Nexus ‘Sailfish’ shots is probably an evolved version of that.

AP notes that even though it’s not there now, a ‘G’ logo will be printed onto both the Nexus ‘Sailfish’ and ‘Marlin’. A report came out a while ago stating that Google would be removing the Nexus branding from their devices and instead switch to a simple ‘G’ on the back, so AP has decided to stick with that rumor as they’re highly confident that this is true.

A similar design is also expected for the Nexus ‘Marlin’. AP hasn’t spotted any images of this device yet, however they’ll probably release them if they obtain any.

To add to these leaks, tipsters to AP have sent them a link to the tweet below which claims to show off a 2016 Nexus and describe its looks as “a cross between the Nexus 4 & iPhone with glass and fingerprint scanner on the back.”



We don’t know if this is the same device AP has bestowed their confidence in via images they personally received as a separate text-only tweet seems to explain the fact that this mysterious leaker has seen both a “premium” and “glossy plastic” Nexus with both being under 5.5-inches in screen size.



The premium handset is apparently seen in the image directly above, something AP has zero confidence in. This is why the news site has apparently debunked this leak as an error and that it doesn’t bestow any significance whatsoever. However, we at MBEDDED aren’t able to debunk the above image let alone AP’s, so we can’t say anything at the moment.

Other than the facts stated above, we don’t know much about the upcoming 2016 Nexus ‘Sailfish’ or even the ‘Marlin’ which is said to include a 5.5-inch display. AP is standing by previous spec leaks (Marlin, Sailfish), however, alongside the fact that HTC is still building the devices and that they’ll have identical specs other than when it comes to the screen size, resolution, and battery capacity. But at the moment, that’s pretty much it. We have no clue when the devices will launch, when they’ll be announced, or even when Android 7.0 Nougat will begin rolling out since yearly Android upgrades from Google tend to follow the release of new Nexus hardware. Of course, we’ll stay on top of this subject and bring you any developments, however at the moment the water is pretty still.

While we may not know much about the 2016 Nexuses hardware wise, we do know quite a lot software wise. We know there will be a new Nexus Launcher, a new swiping gesture to access notificationstweaks made to the Settings app, features called ‘Night Light’ and ‘Quick Screen Check’, and what the new wallpapers will look like. However (at least for now), that’s it.

What do you think of the leaked images by Android Police and that mysterious leaker via Twitter? Is this content legit, or is it a total sham? Let us know your thoughts below!

Source: Android Police