Thinner MacBook Air Model Rumored for Mid-2016, Maybe Alongside a 15 inch Model

According to a pretty sketchy report by Economic Daily Newsthe MacBook Air will be getting a major upgrade in mid 2016. And yes, you read correctly.

The report says the new computer will be thinner and lighter than the current model, with substantial internet component changes. The report also states a rough timeframe of mid 2016 for the computer’s arrival into the world.

The MacBook Air has not seen a significant hardware change since 2010, so a major update is certainly due. Most people have been scratching their heads about the fate of the MacBook Air, what with the new 12 inch MacBook being thinner and lighter than the Air, having less speed and performance, and costing a lot more. This thin-and-light notebook has put Apple’s previous thinnest MacBook in quite an awkward position, but it may seem to people that we’re about to find out what exactly might happen to it.

It’s unclear whether we’ll see the 11 inch MacBook Air take on the rumored changes, with Apple, according to the report, considering a ’13 inch and 15 inch MacBook Air’ lineup, bringing the Air into the 15 inch screen size form factor for the first time and possibly knocking out the 11 inch size once and for all.

Although the report claims the next-generation MacBook Air will include new batteries, cooling modules, chassis and more, Apple is expected to stick to the same supply chain manufacturers, namely Quanta.

However this report may get a lot of people excited, we suggest taking it with a grain of salt due to the time between now and mid 2016 being quite a period and enough room for this sketchy report to be invalidated. But we’ll see within the coming months how this will exactly play out…