The Apple Ring

Apple is known for being innovative. For example, they introduced the Mac, iPhone, iPod, and iPad, which are all leaders in their respected categories. They also introduced the Apple Watch, but people don’t think it’s as innovative as every other product the company offers, so the public shuts it out as “the leader of the smartwatch game”. But could Apple be entering another product category? I mean, what’s left? They’re already in the smartphone, MP3 player, tablet, laptop, smartwatch, desktop computer, multimedia streaming set top box, and music streaming service categories. How many more are there for tech companies?
Well, apparently, Apple has found one: smartrings. Yes, you read correctly. Smartrings.

According to a new patent filed by the Cupertino company, it appears that Apple is gearing up to begin to develop some king of touch sensitive ring worn on your   index finger. Apple says the ring could have a touch pad/screen, it’d likely have haptic feedback to let a wearer know when something has happened, and it could include a microphone for dictating commands. But seriously, if someone saw you talking into your fist, they’d think you’re from the FBI. At least if you talk into your wrist (via a smartwatch), it just looks like you’re a spy.

The ring might even be able to determine what you’re writing by following the motion of your hand, so if Apple perfects this technology, it could be a great computer mouse replacement.

Of course this is just a patent, so all of this mumbo-jumbo about smartrings is just indicating that Apple has this idea on their minds. And it must be a good thought considering they slapped a patent on their drawings of the ring. However, a lot of Apple’s patents never make it to be real products, so this could be one of them. But it’s really a heck of a fantasy!

The Verge reports “Using current touchscreen devices, Apple writes, ‘may be cumbersome, inconvenient, or inefficient for certain tasks and applications.’ It suggests that a smart ring would fit in when a person is already doing something with their hands or when they’ve become fatigued from holding a larger device up for an extended period of time. ‘The light emitted by a touchscreen may be inappropriate in certain social environments or even dangerous if it gives away the position of a threatened user,’ the application adds. ‘A need therefore exists for a more discreet, safer, more efficient, or more ergonomic way to interact with touch pads or touch screens.’

The patent application basically says that smartphones fail in a lot of important moments that a small wearable device wouldn’t. There are already a number of smart rings on the market, though they’re largely third-party devices made for controlling phones and other electronics over Bluetooth. None appear to be quite as robust as the ring that Apple describes here.

Manufacturers like Samsung and LG are making smartwatches, which some call “the future”. But it seems that, at this time, they’re not interested in making a smartring. So as of now, it just seems like Apple is trying to be innovative again by giving us the best unboxing experience at any proposal ever.

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