Public Beta 2 for iOS 9 & OS X El Capitan Released

Following yesterdays release of the 4th developer betas of iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan, Apple has just released the next update to their public beta testers for iOS 9 and El Capitan. The updates mainly contain bug fixes and improvements to the system overall, making your device a lot less likely to crash or loose significant amounts of data. Of course that risk is still active due tot the fact that this is beta software, but now you can feel safer about installing Apple’s latest updates to your device.

If you’re already a Public Beta tester, the latest update for El Capitan can be downloaded and installed form the App Store, and the update for iOS 9 can be found under Settings > General > Software Update.

If you’re not a Public Beta tester and you wish to become one, visit and run through the process of registering your device and eventually installing the latest beta.