Poll: When’s Your Apple Music Ending?

September 29, 2015
By Max Buondonno

When Apple Music launched back on June 30th of this year, so many people were excited that they couldn’t wait to upgrade their iOS device to iOS 8.4 and/or download iTunes 12.2 on their computer and opt-in for a 3 month free trial of the music streaming service. As you might guess, most of those people opted in on June 30th, meaning their trials would end tomorrow, September 30th (mine being one of them).


​But that doesn’t mean everybody. Not everyone knew about the launch of Apple’s take on a music streaming service, but as soon as word got out about it, more and more people were opting in for the trial, #1 for the service (it’s Apple’s, what the heck), and #2 for the extensive time Apple gives you to try out Apple Music. But that’s just my guess…

Anyway, as a special Tuesday Story, we ask you, the reader: when’s your Apple Music trial ending? Is it tomorrow? Is it later? Is it much later?

Tweet us your answer (we’re @mbeddedinc)! You might even get a special shout out on our Twitter page! Good luck!

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