No Apple Live TV Service Until 2016

A new report by Bloomberg states that Apple will not be unveiling it’s much rumored live TV service for Apple TV until 2016. Content negotiations are reportedly stalling the service from launching to customers, while Apple had originally hoped that the new live television subscription service would be ready for consumers by their rumored Sept. 9 event.

Bloomberg has stated in their report that “The company wanted to introduce this year a live TV service delivered via the Internet, but is now aiming for 2016, said people familiar with Apple’s plans.

Pricing for this subscription service is reportedly the main hurdle Apple needs to jump. Bloomberg reported that Apple wants to offer “a package of popular channels” for just $40/month, which, for most people, is significantly less than their current cable bill.

However, with the release of this report, it doesn’t mean that Apple won’t release a new Apple TV for the mean time. The Cali. company is rumored to release it’s multimedia streaming set-top-box refresh on Sept. 9, the rumored day of the next keynote, which is rumored to include a touch-based remote control and full app store.

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