New report claims “iPhone 6C” coming in Q2 of Next Year

A new report by Digitimes claims that manufacturers in an Apple supply chain are getting ready for a successor to the iPhone 5C, but it’s not coming this year, which matches the rumors circling the web. People have actually thought that the iPhone 5C (or just the whole “C” idea) would be killed off, but Digitimes is suggesting that Apple will give new life to it’s colorful smartphone with production beginning in Q2 of next year, 2016.

Considering Digitimes isn’t all that trustworthy when it comes to release dates and rumors, take it with a grain of slat. However, though, they are pretty accurate with supply chain comments.

9to5Mac stated that “the report is giving some substance by the fact that the much-more-reliable Ming-Chi Kuo from from KGI said something similar in April. In that report, KGI ruled out a new 4-inch iPhone this year but said one was in the cards for 2016.

“Digitimes claims that Apple is using FinFET chips for the new ‘cheap’ iPhone which will allow for 16 nanometer fabrication. Apple’s use of FinFET has been circling though Chinese media channels for several months.”

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