New Developer Betas of iOS 9, OS X El Capitan, watchOS 2 Released Today


Today, Apple released it’s 4th beta updates for iOS 9, OS X El Capitan, and watchOS 2. Each of the updates focus mainly on bug fixes, so don’t expect major new features. That period is over.

As we get closer to the final release of these OSes, most of the upcoming betas will be heavily focused on bug fixes due to the fact that Apple needs to make sure no one experiences any crashes or failure in the system. Of course, Apple did just release some new features with these betas like the News app in iOS, so expect these enhancements to change over time and improve as we get closer to the final release.

Speaking of improvements, Apple, with the 4th beta of iOS 9, did just release a new redesigned News app which should make it easier for newcomers to get used to it. Along with that the California company also gave us back Home Sharing in the Apple Music app, per Eddie Cue’s promise. In this recent build we can also see major improvements to Siri, Search, and iPad multitasking.

El Capitan and watchOS 2’s 4th betas have been mainly bug fixes, so don’t expect any surprises in those places.

While watchOS 2 Beta isn’t available to people other then developers, the public can download the latest builds of iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan right now through Apple’s public beta program

The rest of folks who want to wait for their iDevices to update with a final build will most likely have to wait until September, the normal time Apple releases their newest updates to their operating systems.