iPhone 6S Packaging Leak Reveals Possible Return of 16 GB Storage Configuration

Yesterday, leaked images of the supposed box of the iPhone 6S Plus made their way to the internet, displaying a profile of the device with a koi fish wallpaper, ‘iPhone 6S Plus’ branding on both sides, and golden Apple logos on the top and bottom. Today, another image has leaked displaying the specs of the new phone.

According to this image, it appears that Apple may not drop the 16 GB storage configuration for the iPhone just yet.

Most people were hoping Apple would up their game and make the minimum storage capacity 32 GB, but if these rumors are true, it looks like we’ll have another iPhone with “just not enough” storage. And if the rumors are true, shooting with the iPhone 6S’s 12 MP camera in 4K is going to generally require a lot of space available to store it all.

But we suggest you take this information with a grain of salt. Sometimes these rumors are just fantasies that scare us to death. And this could be one of those.

But this doesn’t mean Apple won’t include a 32 GB option. When they released the iPod touch 6, the storage options for the media player became 16/32/64/128 GB. They could use this fact as an introduction and do the same thing with the iPhone 6S. However, this is pretty unlikely.

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