“If You Listen to Apple Music, You’re Most Likely Old” Says Poll

Jackdaw Research has recently held a poll asking the public whether they’ve dropped Apple Music or if they’ve subscribed to it. According to the results, 62 percent of survey respondents under the age of 35 have already canceled Apple’s streaming music service, while an astonishing 67 percent of respondents aged 35 and up have transitioned to paying subscribers after the three-month trial period.

Now before you go nuts on me in the comments, you need to know that this poll wasn’t exactly huge. In fact, there were less than 1,000 participants, hence the firm notes “the overall findings should not be viewed as being 100% representative of real-world patterns.”

​However, the results are still pretty interesting. Usually with new Apple products and services, younger people are prone to trying then out first. But the trial of these products and services don’t usually last long until these people see something else that catches their eye. And this is why we see these results. Most young people took advantage of Apple’s 3 month trial for Music then didn’t subscribe. They wanna move on to something even better. Or they just don’t wanna pay. You decide.

Anyway, Apple Music is also very accessible. Right on the Home screen of any iOS device, you’ll find the app titled “Music”. Apple Music is right there. It’s simple, in your face, and you always have access to it. And that’s what older people must figure. I’ve worked with plenty of seniors and older people as part of my other job, and all they want are things they can do on their own without calling their grandson to help them with it.

While younger customers are more likely to jump from trend to trend — which is exactly what we see with “flavor of the month” social networks — older customers have more stickability. In other words, this is far from a bad base for Apple to work from.

You can read Jackdaw’s complete study here.