Apple Likely to Announce iPad Pro & mini 4 at Sept. Event

9to5Mac has reported that Apple is likely to introduce to the world the iPad Pro and mini 4 at their upcoming September 9th keynote alongside the iPhone 6S, Apple TV 4, and new Apple Watch Sport bands.
While we’ll see the 12.9 inch tablet at the upcoming event, we probably won’t see the iPad until November after late October preorders. This is pretty unlikely, however, due to Apple’s history of introducing new iPads in October. But Apple could be giving us our first look at the mega tablet so developers can get a start on developing applications for it.

Along with the iPad Pro, the iPad mini 4 is also expected to make it’s introductions as well, with the iPad Air 3 being a no-go for 2015. The mini 4 could be released sooner, considering it’s not as exclusive as the Pro will be. But nonetheless this is what rumors are telling us now.

MacRumors said “In addition to a larger 12.9-inch display, the iPad Pro is expected to include an A9 processor, 2GB of RAM, a Force Touch-enabled stylus, and perhaps USB 3.0 ports that will support peripheral devices. The tablet will run iOS 9.1, an update to iOS 9 that will debut in November when the iPad Pro launches.”

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