3 Features We Would’ve Like to See in the iPhone 6S

September 18, 2015
By Max Buondonno

Apple’s iPhone 6S was recently announced at their “Hey Siri” September event where they also showed off for the first time the iPad Pro and new Apple TV 4. With 3D Touch, a 12MP camera with 4K video recording, iOS 9, and a stronger body, it’s clear that the 6S is a much better buy than the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. But, as always, there’s room for improvement. And there’s plenty of it in the new iPhone.

However, most people don’t entirely think that. They think the iPhone 6S if perfect as it is. And that’s why we’re bringing you this Story. This is a breakdown of the top 3 features that would’ve been nice in the new iPhone.

1. Wireless Charging

Lots of manufacturer’s flagship phones feature a technology known as wireless charging, where you literally don’t need a wire to charge your phone. Instead, you just simply place your phone on a specially designed pad which will send charge signals to the phone’s battery where they’ll be stored. And it’s not like manufacturers just started doing this last month. They’ve been at the game for quite some time now. It’s unclear why Apple didn’t include wireless charging in their newest flagship, but let’s face it. Isn’t Apple pretty much known for making phones with the previous year’s flagship specs?

2. A Bigger Battery

The iPhone 6 alone had an 1810 mAh battery, while the 6 Plus had a massive 2915 mAh battery. If you do the math, that’s 1105 mAh’s more than the iPhone 6’s battery. So why would Apple make their newest phone’s battery smaller? Apple say because of the battery enhancing features in iOS 9 you don’t need a bigger battery. In fact, they made it small enough so that, corresponding with iOS 9, you’ll get the same battery life you did with the 6. Is that impressive? Not for Apple. It’s called “make room for a bigger battery and call it a day”. Period.

3. 32GB of Storage as the Minimum

4K video, Live Photos, huge apps, lots of music – it’s like Apple’s forcing you to get 64GB of storage! Probably the most shocking thing about the new iPhone is the fact that the base minimum storage capacity is just 16GB. Everyone thought Apple would go for 32G as the minimum due to the large files which can be stored on the iPhone now, like 4K videos, Live Photos, huge apps, lots of music… I think you get the gist. Many more people would be purchasing an iPhone if they included a 32GB option. That’s the sweet spot. If you have 16GB, that’s too little. If you have 64GB, most people think you have too much. However, if you had 32GB, it’d be the perfect balance: used most of the storage but you’ve still got some left over. It’s unclear why Apple wouldn’t make an obvious decision like this, but, like earlier stated, Apple’s known for making phones with the previous year’s specs. Maybe next year, guys. Maybe next year…

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