Twitter considers letting you hide your old tweets

Twitter has publicly acknowledged that it’s currently testing a fleet of new features that will help users protect their privacy on the platform. One of those features, according to Bloomberg, includes the ability to automatically archive your old tweets after a specified amount of time has passed like 30, 60, or 90 days. The platform could also include the option to hide tweets a year after you publish them.

This could help encourage users to share more content on Twitter, which has been a topic on the minds of people at Twitter for quite some time. It’s what drove them to create Fleets, the platform’s version of Stories. That obviously flopped, but if there’s an option to automatically hide your tweets after a certain period of time, perhaps people will tweet even more crazy opinions and controversial quotes. Or maybe it won’t, we’ll just have to see.

It’s also rumored that Twitter could let you pick and choose who gets to see your liked tweets, something that could come in handy if you’re a public figure and don’t want people viewing the types of content you’re into.

In addition, Twitter is reportedly working on a feature that would let you remove followers from your account, giving users an alternative to blocking people. Finally, the platform could soon add the ability to let you take yourself out of ongoing conversations, a.k.a. an alternative to a mute or block.

Twitter told The Verge that “privacy is more than what we do with your data, it’s also about how we help you feel safe and in control of how you show up on Twitter.”

“We understand that there’s no one size fits all approach to privacy, so we’re excited to roll out more features and tools to empower people on Twitter to customize their experience. Our focus on social privacy is inspired by feedback we received through a global research study we conducted to better understand people’s perceptions of and needs for privacy around the globe. We’ll begin testing some of these features as soon as next week.”

What those features Twitter will begin testing next week are remains unclear, and whatever they are, they’ll probably only launch for a few people before they roll out to everyone (if they ever do, of course). At the very least, I think it could be extremely interesting to see what happens if Twitter rolls out an auto-archive feature for tweets.