Tidal Now Lets You Block Songs and Artists

Much like the feature Spotify introduced not too long ago, Tidal has announced it’s adding the ability to block certain songs and artists on its platform. The music streaming service will roll out the feature to all its users over the coming days and weeks.

By blocking an artist, you’re instructing Tidal to never play content associated with them whatsoever. This means if they appear in a playlist or radio station, the app will skip over them and continue to the next song. In the same breath, blocking a song will simply stop a single track from ever playing, not all content from its artist.

To block an artist, there will be a block icon in the “playing” page of an artist or song, according to Billboard. Tapping it will stop certain content from playing. If you’d like to undo your actions, you’ll be able to in the settings section of the app.

Blocking artists and songs in this day and age is crucial to how people interact with their music libraries. With more and more scandals and allegations popping up about folks in the music industry (such as R. Kelly, XXXTentacion, and 6ix9ine), it makes sense for users to want to avoid even streaming someone’s music if they don’t agree with or like someone. And now that Tidal has jumped on the bandwagon, it’s only a matter of time until other services like Apple Music and SoundCloud chime in.