This White Blob in a NASA Video Could Be a UFO

So there’s another UFO rumor swirling the World Wide Web. This time, it’s in the form of a leaked NASA video of a rocket launch uploaded to YouTube by UFO Today. In the video, you’ll notice the shuttle above the Earth floating/flying around, when all of a sudden a white blob appears on the screen. This object hasn’t been formally identified yet, so conspiracy theorists believe this could be some type of UFO.

Clearly, it looks a lot different than the normal saucer-shaped objects we’ve come to know and love, and to back this up, UFO Today says it could be a White Knight Satellite similar to that of the Black Knight Satellite that’s been the center of controversy since the 1990s.

It’s hard to pin down, but at least to me, it kind of looks like a blanket or flag being blown around by wind. Yes, this theory is completely inaccurate since there is no wind in space, so I really have no idea what it might be. However, since it’s a NASA video, it’s hard to imagine it is a UFO since someone in the space organization likely would’ve seen it by now and brought it to the attention of his/her supervisor(s). Therefore, this conspiracy will likely keep swirling in the heads of UFOlogists until we get a definitive answer.

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